Self-Care and You!

It’s time to ask yourself this all-important question: Are you taking care of yourself? Self-care is more important than ever before, especially if you are one of the many people who find themselves feeling stressed and overwhelmed in today’s hectic world. Self-care, mental wellness, and taking time every day to treat yourself can make a stunning difference in your everyday mindset.


It is that inherent need for self-care which led Nneka Prince, a Washington, D.C. Native and licensed cosmetologist, to expand her existing experience in the realm of hair and nails into the wider world of skincare. Handmade soaps, creams, and even candles and jewelries were just a few of the products she created in 2004 with her first business, The Pampered Princess. In 2018, she decided to revamp, relaunch and come back into the fray with an entirely new brand: Nsatiables and Nsatiables by Nneka.


How exactly does one describe this exciting wellness brand, Nsatiables by Nneka? Nsatiables by Nneka is all about providing high-quality, handmade self-care products that will truly make a difference in your life.


Nsatiables offers a stunning line of handmade, organic quality bath, body and skincare products that are sure to make you feel your best. Whipped products, soaps, and much more; all made with organic ingredients that will help you and your body feel relaxed, happy--and very, very pampered.


Nsatiables by Nneka doesn't stop at providing high quality lotions and creams to soothe your skin: they also offer soy-blend fragrance candles which are perfect for creating a beautifully scented atmosphere on a warm afternoon. As with their skin and body products, these high-quality fragrance candles are made with the best quality components possible.


Business savvy runs in the family, too: Nneka's daughters both have brands of their own, NsatiableShade and NsatiableAuras. NsatiableShade offers a range of beauty products, including mink lashes and CBD products; while NsatiableAuras offers wellness products related to chakra alignment, smudging and more.


If you’re looking to pamper yourself with fragrant soaps that will leave your skin feeling smooth and clean? Nsatiables is there for you. If you’re looking to amp up your look with fantastic mink lashes? Nsatiables is there for you. If you’re looking for sage and smudging product? Nsatiables is there for you.


High quality products, handcrafted with care, love and professional experience. Improving your sense of beauty, body--and mind. When you can't get enough, Nsatiables has exactly what you need.


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