About Us

Nneka Prince, a Washington, D.C. native and licensed cosmetologist decided to take her love of hair and nails and expand to skincare. As a child, Nneka loved mixing different concoctions to create certain feels and textures for her hair and skin. This feeling never dissipated and thus “The Pampered Princess” was created in 2004.

Her eldest daughter Brandi (NsatiableAuras) suffered from eczema and discovered her own creation was better than any prescription. During this time she was a “stay at home” and vested her time in creating a home based business. The business included event planning and small hand blended batches of shea butter, eczema creams, soaps, candles and jewelry. As her children grew older, more attention needed to be focused on them and the business became second. As of February 2018, She decided to re-launch and rebrand her love of creating handmade natural and organic products.

“Nsatiables” and “Nsatiables by Nneka” is here to stay! Nneka has also incorporated her youngest daughter Blake (NsatiableShade) and her love of makeup artistry in assisting her create her very own makeup line. Nsatiable, LLC small batches whipped shea butter, soaps, skin balms, lips scrubs, candles and more to come.