Nsatiable Detox
Nsatiable Detox
Nsatiable Detox
Nsatiable Detox

Nsatiable Detox

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Fruit Detox-Organic and Steamed 100% Fresh Fruit Selections! High in Vitamin C, Individually packaged. Improves the skin and helps the body to detox naturally! 

 Fruit Flower tea is washed, sliced and dried at low temperature without any additions.

  • Dry and Crisp Fruit with Rich in Flavor.
  • Each packet has 3 kinds of fruit flower mixed and each taste is unique.
  • The sealed packet is waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to carry and not odorous.
  • Rich in nutrients and helps to calm the nerves, beautify and lose weight naturally
  • It is conducive to the relaxation and soothing of the human body. Convenient packaging 
  • Add 1 packet of fruit tea to boiling water and steep; or add your favorite alkaline water, wait 5-10 minutes for full fruit flavor! You can add Chia Seeds, Manuka Honey, Fresh Ginger or Rock Sugar, etc for desired sweetness!